Oropharma Supra Elixir 250 ml

Supra Elixir

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Oropharma Supra Elixir

Complementary feed for pigeons. Oropharma Supra Elixir is an ideal health drink based on ginseng extract, a very efficient drug free tonic. This dietary supplement improves the general metabolism, develops condition and increases the performance ability and the drive in widowers.

Supra Elixir has a beneficial effect in cases of stomach and digestive disorders (e.g. amongst youngsters), supports normal liver function and improves the absorption of the feed. Ginseng increases the resistance against infections and stress and stimulates the muscles.

The conversion of fats into energy is stimulated by the green tea in Supra Elixir. Moreover green tea has a strong antioxidant effect, which protects the pigeon's cells. The performance ability of the pigeon is strengthened and the drive increases. The glucose and caramel provide direct energy in the form of sugars so that the pigeon recovers quickly from stomach and digestive disorders.

Crude protein 0.45%
Crude ash 0.28%
Crude fat 0.13%

1 measure (= 10 ml) of Supra Elixir per litre of drinking water. 


  • During the racing season, moulting season and for youngsters: once a week. 
  • During the breeding season: once a week. 
  • In cases of poisoning in the field: daily until the symptoms disappear.

Prepare the solution fresh every time.

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