Versele Laga Country's Best Gold 2 Mash  20 kg

Country's Best Gold 2 Mash

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Versele Laga Country's Best Gold 2 Mash

Growth mash from 11 weeks until the first egg

  • GOLD 2 mash is a complete feed for breeding laying chicks and bringing them up to young hens. Appropriate from week 11 until the laying of the first egg.
  • The low protein and energy levels ensure a balanced development. The mash form promotes a gradual intake of the feed, an improved digestion thus better manure consistency.
  • Because of the reduced risk of coccidiosis during this life stage of the poultry, this feed contains no coccidiostats and guarantees a natural growth.

Calcium Plus
An optimal combination of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 guarantees strong eggshells and a healthy skeleton.

Products without coccidiostat, for a natural growth.

Crude protein 15%
Crude ash 5.6%
Crude fiber 4%
Crude fat 3.5%
Calcium 1.1%
Lysine 0.63%
Phosphorus 0.53%
Methionine 0.28%
Sodium 0.15%

Period: From week 11 until the young hens are fully grown. (+/- 18 weeks).

Young hens should develop further without putting on fat, as excess fat deposits prevent the laying hens from going into lay. You'd better administer this feed in moderation during the second stage of rearing: depending on the age and the breed, from 50 to 80 g/day.


  • Always provide Grit for an easy digestion. Grit also has a positive effect on the skeleton and the formation of the eggshell.
  • Always make sure there is plenty of clean drinking water.
  • For an optimal development and health, take the life phases and periods into account.

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