Versele Laga Orlux Nectar  700 g

Orlux Nectar

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700 g
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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Exotic bird food

Versele Laga Orlux Nectar

Complete food for humming birds and colibris.

- Well-balanced complete food on a basis of fast metabolisable sugars.

- A high nutritional value and a very good assimilation.

- Composed according to the formulation by Weltvogelpark Walsrode (Germany).

Crude protein 3%
Crude ash 0.5%
Crude fat 0.1%
Crude fiber 0.1%
Natrium 0.1%
Methionine 0.09%
Threonine 0.09%
Lysine 0.06%
Calcium 0.05%
Phosphorus 0.04%

Mix the powder with water. Administer freshly prepared twice a day.
Provide also fresh fruit and live insects daily.

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