Milkies Active Taurin
Animonda Milkies Active Taurin 20x15 g, 4x15 g

Milkies Active Taurin

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Milkies Active Taurin

4x15 g

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Milkies Active Taurin

20x15 g

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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Cat milk

Animonda Milkies Active Taurin

New method for preparing snacks! Delicios cup-snacks ever! As a reward or between meals. Put it over the food or s an addition to fresh water.

  • Tasty Milkies always fit!
  • Without soya
  • Without food colorants
  • Without preservatives

Milk and dairy products, cereals (0.1% malt), fruits (0.1%).

Moisture 76%
Crude fat 7.5%
Crude protein 6%
Crude ash 1.5%
Crude fiber 0.2%

For an adult cat (3-5 kg) 1-3 cups are recommended.

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