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Trixie Soft Clicker
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Sports products for dogs - PetsExpert online shop

Physical exercise promote the correct development and emotional relaxation of the pet. For training and active sports activities with the pet, you need to buy dog training supplies first of all.

Types of dog training supplies

The choice of auxiliary dog training supplies and sports activities with the pet is very extensive. It is possible to single out the following main types of dog training supplies:

  • Training collars and leads. Examples: a long training lead (from 5 m to 25 m), a bark control collar.
  • Training dummies, balls — have convenient oblong shape, are thought initially up for replacement of a game. Examples: a dummy-pocket with food, training dummy with ropes.
  • The bag for delicacies and other accessories — is convenient when trainings with a dog, makes arms free.
  • Dog silent whistle — is used to call a dog.
  • The clicker — is useful to working off of tricks.
  • The ringing disks, chains — are applied when the dog barks or shows aggression.

If active exercises are too difficult for your dog, you can take it with yourself on bicycle walk. For this purpose you need a convenient bicycle basket for dogs.

How to choose dog training supplies

Don't forget that the main criterion upon purchase of goods for dogs is a quality. Training products have to be strong and made of non toxic materials.

Moreover, it is worth approaching carefully purchase of things for young and inexperienced dogs. For example, apport made of jute or a soft ball will suit a puppy perfectly. And if the dog is sensitive to sharp sounds, don't use the ringing disks or chains. They can lead to a psychological trauma of an animal.

If you want to choose dog training supplies, but aren't sure whether they will suit your pet, give preference to universal products. For example, nylon apport or a clicker will be successful purchase.

The way we can help

If you are engaged in a dog training, do not do it without special goods that will facilitate this process considerably. On our website you will be able to buy dog training supplies which will be ideally suited for your pet. You will be satisfied with a variety and quality of production undoubtedly. Order all necessary things right now and be abreast of all our stocks, discounts and special offers!

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