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Toys for dogs by Trixie

If you want to give some positive emotions to your pet, offer it Trixie dog toys. The manufacturer focuses on the quality of its products and also tries to satisfy the main requirements of pets as much as possible. Many products of the company are tested by the pets belonging to its employees.

A wide variety of Trixie dog toys

The manufacturer offers numerous kinds of products letting you to choose a suitable item for almost any dog. In particular, the following kinds of accessories are available:

  • Traditional toys made of practical materials, for instance, latex and vinyl. For instance, you can offer you pet Trixie products in the shape of an animal or a ball. Many dogs like to frolic with such toys.
  • Puzzle games. They give an opportunity to train the dog’s intelligence. Such toys are objects of various shapes in which you may hide a treat. And the dog will have to think hard to treat itself to goodies.
  • Chew products. They have a positive effect on the condition of the oral cavity. Besides, you can spoil your pet with an edible toy. For example, many dogs like rawhide products in the shape of bones.
  • Fetch toys. In particular, they’re special rings which are used for dog training. Some toys by Trixie, for example, special balls on a rope, are used both for fetch and pull trainings.
  • Floating toys. They’re perfect for pets which are fond of playing in the water.

4 reasons to buy Trixie dog toys
  1. The manufacturer offers accessories of various sizes. Thus, you can buy an ideal toy both for miniature and large pet.
  2. Products by this brand are safe for pets, as Trixie uses only high-quality materials. Besides, the toys have no sharp edges which can hurt the dog.
  3. Trixie products serve for a long time. Thanks to this you won’t have to worry that your gift to your pet will go to pieces quickly.
  4. As the company produces numerous kinds of toys and constantly widens its product range, you can surprise your dog with something new from time to time.

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