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Dog toys are an important and integral attribute in the course of education of your pet. They have three important functions. Firstly, they distract attention of the pet from pieces of furniture and clothes. Secondly, they simplify the training process considerably. And thirdly, toys are important for the correct development of a puppy.

Types of dog toys

Dog toys are divided into several types:

  • Interactive — assume participation of the owner in game with the pet. Example: frisbee.
  • Entertaining — are suitable for independent game. Example: game balls.
  • Developing — help with training process. Example: puller.
  • Chewing — carry out function of a toothbrush. Example: rubber bones.

Also toys are divided according to the types of materials they are made of:

  • Rubber — are considered as the most longevous types of toys for dogs.
  • Plastic — are ideally suited for outdoor games.
  • Rope or "toys ropes" — are suitable for training the fetch command.
  • Natural — are suitable for puppies during change of teeth.

Other materials, or cloth — you shouldn't forget about soft toys which are especially loved by dogs of small breeds.

Veterinarians recommend to get initially one toy of each type. It considerably will simplify process of training of your dog, and also will allow it to cope with feeling of boredom and a discomfort.

At the same time the injury for your house, furniture and things will be minimum. It will also help you to understand what toys suit your pet. Further it will allow you to avoid additional monetary expenditure.

How to choose a toy for a dog

At the choice of a toy for your pet you should take into account its age, breed, weight and level of activity. It is necessary to understand that a small dog won't cope with the toys intended for larger breeds, and the entertaining puppy toy can be not interesting for an adult dog.

Safety remains the main criterion at the choice of a suitable toy for your pet. The preference should be given to the famous brands that use only quality materials for toys production.

Also pay attention to the presence of small details in a product design. Remember that in the course of game they can do harm to your pet.

The way we can help

On our website there is the wide range of toys for dogs of different breeds and age. You can be sure: without any effort you will be able to find and get the toy that will be ideally suited for your pet and the toy you can afford. Be convinced of it right now! Just choose category of goods necessary for you, issue the order, and we will bring it in the shortest possible time. Please the pet, and we will please you with special offers and discounts for all types of goods for pets in the future.

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