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Healthy nutrition is an important component of full development of pets. Dry dog food provides pets with all necessary vitamins and useful minerals. It is convenient in use and storage, and also allows the owner to save the time on cooking to the pet.

Types of dry dog food

The dog food is produced in the form of small granules, flakes, briquettes, etc.

There are three main types of dry dog food:

  • Economy class. An inexpensive food that can be used in the form of a delicacy for training.
  • Premium class. It is well digested, consists of natural ingredients. Meat is one of the ingredients, but it also contains vegetable components — cereals and vegetables prevail.
  • Super-premium class. It is very useful thanks to the balanced structure and high nutritional value. It is developed taking into account age categories of pets.

Also ready dog food is divided into the following groups:

  • Everyday food (Regular). It is universal, enriched with all vitamins and minerals necessary for a dog for the correct development.
  • Medical food. It is applied during a certain period and only according to the prescription of the veterinarian.

With age, needs of dogs change significantly therefore many producers have separate lines of food for pets of different age:

  • Starter — for little puppies (from two-week age).
  • Junior — for dogs age from 2 to 10 months.
  • Adult — for adult pets (from a year to 7-8 years).
  • Senior — for elderly dogs.

Also there are special dog food of certain weight categories. Usually this information is specified on packing.

How to choose dry dog food

If you want the food be useful for your pet, attentively get acquainted with its ingredients. Conscientious producers usually specify detailed structure: meat and grain in a percentage ratio, and also indicators of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Give preference to production with the largest content of meat. We will separately notice that allergenic products(such as corn, wheat) it is better to avoid.

If you want to choose a dry dog food, consider the pet’s breed, age and weight. Process of a metabolism at young and elderly pets differs greatly. Therefore, depending on dog’s age the need for calories, phosphorus and a calcium differs. Therefore we recommend you to get the special food.

The way we can help

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