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The biological and balanced natural frozen dog food or BARF (bones and raw food) is rather recent invention. Many experts recommend this food as on structure it is closest to natural nutrition of dogs. It contains meat products, also vegetables, fruit, eggs, etc. All ingredients in the admixed form are packed into a vacuum cover, and then are frozen.

Types of BARF frozen dog food

By production of this food, ingredients of an animal and plant origin aren't exposed to strong processing and keep all the nutrients. Also it doesn't contain preservatives, taste and flavour intensifiers.

The frozen food can be a part of the main ration of an animal and to serve as addition to a dry or wet food.

There is a big variety of types of BARF frozen dog food. It can be one frozen ingredient or the balanced mixture.

In the form of BARF producers offer separately beef, a bird, a lamb, a game, fish, and also vegetables and fruit.

Specially developed mixtures will become the fine choice. Depending on features and preferences of the pet, it is possible to choose:

  • the menu for adult dogs;
  • the menu for puppies;
  • the menu for ageing dogs;
  • carbohydrate-free menu;
  • hypoallergenic menu;
  • the menu for gourmets;
  • admixture from 100% of meat and a great number of others.

Natural ingredients of this food will provide the correct development and strong immunity to a dog.

How to choose BARF frozen dog food

Getting foodfor the pet, first of all, get acquainted with structure of production. Avoid preservatives, stains and all suspicious ingredients which don't bring any benefit.

To choose the BARF frozen dog food which will ideally go to your pet be guided by age and features of the pet. It is worth paying attention to special mixtures for certain categories of animals.

If your pet is inclined to an allergy, give preference to hypoallergenic admixtures. Producers took care also of dogs who need to keep to a diet. There is, for example, a special menu without carbohydrates. And if you decided to indulge the dear dog with something special, there is the menu for gourmets.

The way we can help

Do you want your pet to eat natural food only ? On our website you will be able to buy the BARF frozen dog food. We bring to your attention only the certified goods of the famous brands. Don't miss an opportunity to make a successful and inexpensive purchase — do the order right now!

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