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It is necessary to approach a question of food of the pet with special responsibility. Veterinarians insistently advise to buy only specialized dog food. It will provide the nutritious and balanced ration to the pet .

Types of dog food

The food is convenient for animals in use and is irreplaceable if you have no opportunity to be engaged in cooking for the pet independently. It contains all necessary vitamins and substances for the full development of a pet.

There are two main types of dog food: dry and wet.

The dry food is issued in the form of the combined admixtures. The main component of such forage is meat. Also it may contain fruit, vegetables, grain and other useful ingredients.

The wet food is issued in the form of canned food, pastes, jelly, and also forcemeat. It isn't recommended to feed a dog with canned food constantly. It is better to use them when travelling or as an addition to the main nutrition.

Special medical forages could be singled out separately which are prescribed by veterinarians at certain diseases of a stomach, heart, kidneys, etc.

Various chewing delicacies will be to the taste to also many pets. You can choose a product with pork, beef, game, bird — depending on preferences of your pet.

Chewing delicacies can also have the following forms:

  • dental preparations;
  • cookies and biscuits;
  • chewing ossicles (it can be natural bones, and also products made of cow or pork skin);
  • chewing straws;
  • twisters.

Don't forget to buy to the dog the vitamin supplements containing calcium, phosphorus and others substances, important for full development of the pet, from time to time.

How to choose dog food

At the choice of food it is necessary to consider breed, age, and also tastes of a dog. If you know that the dog has a sensitivity to certain ingredients, try to avoid them as a part of products.

Needs of dogs of different age differ. Therefore there are foods intended for certain categories of dogs. The same food can't suit both a puppy, and an elderly dog.

To choose dog food successfully, pay special attention to its structure. Be afraid of stains, preservatives and fragrances as they do harm to an organism of a dog. Treat such products as corn or wheat carefully. They can cause an allergic reaction.

The way we can help

Each owner of a dog knows what important role for it is played by the healthy balanced nutrition.

In our shop you will be able to take various forms of dog food and qualitatively diversify a ration of your pet. All goods on our website passed quality control and obligatory certification. To buy dog food, choose the pleasant production, add it to the shopping cart and complete the order. Make a purchase right now and provide your pet with a healthy ration and excellent health!

Every healthy pet should be strong and sturdy. The muscle tone food is perfect for strengthening the muscles and improving the overall condition of the pet’s body.

Types of muscle tone food

The composition of muscle tone food includes essential nutrients that are not always present in a dog's diet in the right amount. For example: fish oil, corn oil and lecithin.

There are various types of muscle tone food for dogs:

  • Food supplements with oils contain a fish oil, a corn oil, and other useful components. These supplements increase the health of your pet and give it energy.
  • Calcium based food supplements are good for the heart, have a restorative effect on the body.
  • Pills with seaweed have a beneficial effect on the entire body due to the high content of amino acids and vitamins.
  • Muscle tone treatments can be produced in the form of tonic and paste. There are also special complexes for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

How to choose the muscle tone food

To choose the right muscle tone food, you must take into account the age of your pet. Select supplements that will make up for the missing nutrients. For example, supplements with L-carnitine will be a good choice for an older dog. This substance has a positive effect on the heart and burns extra fat.

If your dog moves a lot or participates in competitions, nutritional complexes with creatine will be useful for it. It helps to recover faster after stress, increases a strength and endurance, promotes a muscle growth.

Any products intended for the dog diet should not contain colorings, flavorings and other harmful ingredients.

How we can help

Have you noticed that your dog has become sluggish, it gets tired easily and does not tolerate physical exercise? You can help your pet. At the PetsExpert website you can buy muscle tone food at an affordable price. Our range will please you with the variety and a high quality of products. Make the order right now - and let your dog always be full of vitality and energy!

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