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Vehicle accessories for dogs - PetsExpert online shop

Crates and vehicle accessories for dogs are special devices which are intended for comfortable transportation of pets in transport. Crates are used as a berth of a dog.

Types of crates and vehicle accessories for dogs

Crates for transportation of dogs have three sizes: for large, average and small dogs. Also vehicle accessories can be divided into the following types:

  • metal crates;
  • carriers;
  • soft crates;
  • folding crates;
  • roller carriers.

Metal crates have a simple design. They are rather strong will also sustain even large dogs on time of trips or flights. Large metal designs can be established as wire-runs in the street or in the house.

Carriers are often made of plastic therefore aren't suitable for large breeds. The larger dog can blast such design easily.

The soft crate is the flexible design sheathed by tarpaulin and a strong net cloth. It remarkably is suitable for short trips with a dog, for example, to the veterinarian or on an exhibition in city boundaries. Soft crates are often used as the sleeping or game place for the pet.

Folding crates are made of different materials and consist of several separate blocks which allow to sort a design completely. Such crate doesn't take a lot of place therefore it is very convenient at storage.

Special backpacks and bags for transportation look quite usually, but there is the convenient place for an animal there. They are ideally suited for dogs of small breeds.

How to choose crates and vehicle accessories for dogs

It is necessary to select crates and vehicle accessories, proceeding from use purposes. These multifunctional goods are also intended not only for transportation of pets in transport. Some crates can be used as a berth of a dog. Also there are kinds of carryings adapted especially for long automobile trips or air flights. They are equipped with waterers, feeders and the soft pallet.

The main criteria at the choice of a crate and vehicle accessories for dogs are the size of the pet and functionality of a product. If you don't plan frequent trips together with an animal, then it is possible to get a simple metal crate. Small bags and carriers will be ideally suited for small breeds. If you need to transport the large pet, then it is worth picking up a crate on wheels.

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