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Dog placemat is a small rug support. It won't allow a bowl to slip on a surface thanks to what water won't spill, and the food doesn't strew. The space around a feeding unit will remain clean, and it will be convenient for a dog to eat. In addition a cheerful colouring of substrates will please the owner's eye.

Types of dog placemats

Mats under bowls can be made of several types of materials:

  • rubber;
  • plastic;
  • silicon.

Rubber placemats are the most inexpensive. The base is made of textile and it makes them steadier, but short-lived — some mats are quickly deformed. Silicone and plastic placemats will serve longer. They can be washed under flowing water, and they dry quicker.

Many placemats of the third type are equipped with an additional side. If your dog turns a plate, the side won't allow liquids to flow out on a floor. In addition, the ridge surface of a substrate will hold a bowl on the place.

There are different types of dog placemats that differ in a form. They can be:

  • oval;
  • square;
  • figure of eight;
  • imitate outlines of bone or a pad.

It is possible to place 2-3 bowls on such placemats at the same time.

How to choose a dog placemat

Choosing a dog placemat, pay attention to the character of your pet. If your dog differs in quiet temper, it is enough to get an inexpensive rubber mat. Does your dog have excellent appetite and the impressive sizes? Think of a reliable silicone covering. Consider the material of a floor on which there will be a bowl. The substrate also shouldn't slip on a surface.

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