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Feeders and water bowls for dogs - PetsExpert online shop

Feeding of the pet is important and vital process. Qualitative dog bowls and waterers will help to simplify it considerably. Your pet will eat with pleasure from fine and convenient unit, without scattering the food on a floor.

Types of dog bowls and waterers

Dog bowls and waterers are divided into several types according to their design:

  • Single — this type of bowls is the cheapest.
  • Double — is the ideal option if you have two dogs. Such bowls can be used also for one animal, with water in one unit, and food - in another one.
  • Non-tip bowls are excellent option for dogs of large breeds. Thanks to a special design, water keeps inside even if the animal will incidentally shake the bowl.
  • Travel bowls for dogs enjoy special popularity. They represent the design consisting of a small bottle and the device for drink. They are irreplaceable during long travel.

Also dog bowls and waterers are differ in materials from which they are made of:

  • Plastic — this unit has low cost, it is easy to wash and move it.
  • Ceramics — it is easy to wash and clean, it is rather strong. Despite it, it is necessary to treat it accurately.
  • Metal — this bowl differs in durability, it is easy to exploit it.

Rules of the choice of dog bowls and waterers

It isn't always convenient for an animal to eat and drink from a new unit. Therefore at the choice of dog bowls and waterers it is recommended to consider growth, the mouth size, and also a shape of a muzzle of an animal. If the pet differs in cheerful nature and isn't especially accurate, it is better to get a unit with high boards.

If the pet eats only a dry feed, the ideal option for it is a bowl of average depth. Experienced dog breeders advise to take different types of bowls for pets. Plastic and metal — for travel, ceramic — for the use inside.

The way we can help

On our website you can buy dog bowls and waterers in several clicks. These products are presented in wide assortment. Thanks to convenient navigation, you will be able to find suitable goods without any effort. Please your pet with something new! Add the goods you like to the shopping cart and issue the order, and we will deliver your purchase in several days.

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