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Many owners are sure that chicken or beef bones are useful for a dog. But it is a great mistake. The bones can do much harm to the oral cavities of an animal and to cause problems with digestive tract. Not to damage the health of the pet, veterinarians recommend to get special chew dog bones. Such treats not only satisfy natural need of an animal in chewing, but also have a great positive effect on teeth and stomach of the pet.

Types of chew dog bones

Chew dog bones are rawhide. They have different sizes (usually from 7 to 32 cm).

The main types of chew dog bones are the followings:

  • Denta;
  • dried rawhide bones.

Dried rawhide bones enjoy wide popularity today. It is convenient and pleasant for dogs to crack them. Range of bones is rather wide: with knots at the edges, in the form of cannon bone, chicken leg, etc. Thanks to the special structure, such products reduce dental plaque that strengthens teeth and gums of the pet.

Denta bones are produced with use of special technology — they combine different types of meat.

These treats contain the clearing minerals thanks to which the dental plaque is effectively reduced and breath is freshened.

How to choose chew dog bones

Not to be mistaken and to choose chew dog bones correctly, it is necessary to consider the age, breed, size and preferences of your dog. For large dogs such as a sheep-dog or a Dobermann terrier, you need large bones. If your pet swallows a small bone, it can lead to digestive troubles.

Puppies need small and soft bones that they don't feel a discomfort when their teeth are cut. And senior dogs need to reduce dental plaque therefore it is worth giving them Denta treats regularly.

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