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Do you still think that chicken bones are the best treat for your dog? Then you are vastly mistaken. Tubular bones of birds are very dangerous for animals as they crack into small acute fragments, damage gums and injure a stomach. If you want to indulge the pet, buy poultry chew treats for dogs. They are not only appetizing, but also useful things which will make your canine busy for a long time.

Types of poultry chew treats for dogs

Chew treats can have different forms and sizes. The following types of poultry chew treats for dogs enjoy special popularity:

  • dried pieces of meat;
  • sausages;
  • chew sticks;
  • bones.

Poultry chew sticks are an ideal daily treat for the pet of any breed. It is very convenient to gnaw nutritious sticks. Besides they have different sizes. There are even appetizing sticks with filling. What dog can resist such a temptation?

Chew bones enjoy wide popularity. It is a fine way of care of an oral cavity of an animal. Bones reduce plaque and freshen the breath. And dried poultry pieces will perfectly be suitable for training.

These are natural meat products which will be to the taste of any dog.

How to choose poultry chew treats for dogs

To make a proper choice of poultry chew treats for dogs, it is enough to consider the size, breed and age of your pet. For small dogs such as chihuahua or toy terrier, one should buy small bones and chew sticks. Puppies can’t just eat large treats.

If you have a puppy, give preference to the vitamin-and-minerals-rich treats. Dental plaque is a great problem for senior dogs. In this regard it is worth buying treats intended for cleaning of teeth and gums.

The way we can help

Here you can buy poultry chew treats for dogs of different types. The PetsExpert online store offers you:

  • qualitative treats without harmful additives;
  • wide range of goods;
  • discounts and regular special offers;
  • delivery of the order in the shortest possible time.

Your dog deserves the best things. Show care of your pet — order an appetizing and useful treat right now.

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