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Dog beds are convenient places for the rest of your pet. Correctly chosen and properly located dog bed will provide psychological comfort for an animal, will allow it to feel safe. When you give feeling of cosiness to a dog, it thanks you with devotion and love.

Types of dog beds

Now there are following types of dog beds:

  • Mats are the most available option. At its production strong material with "anti-claw" effect is used, holofiber is used as a filler. It is possible to use a mat as a drawsheet in baskets for dogs.
  • Cots are made on the basis of a wooden or metal framework. It is possible to choose model with legs. So you protect the pet from the cold going from a floor. It is possible to buy removable covers. There is a large number of options of decoration of such beds. There are even such unusual models of cots in the form of cars, ships, planes.
  • Beds are made as well as usual beds, and consist of a framework, the mattress sheathed by a furniture textile, the roller, a small plaid.

How to choose dog beds

To choose a dog bed correctly, consider the animal size. If you want your pet to feel comfortable, width of a dog bed has to be twice more larger, than distance from a croup to legs, and length should exceed distance from a nose end to the tail at least by 5 cm.

The upholstery material of a dog bed shouldn't wear out quickly, it is good if it is easy to clean. It is desirable that the cover was made of natural materials which won't cause an allergy and will exclude electrization. It is better to choose model with a removable cover as dog beds soiled quickly.

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Each animal needs the cozy rest place. Make such cozy corner for your pet with our help !

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