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Cats like any playful and inquisitive animal, are in the continuous movement. Toys for cats are important accessories which promote all-round development of pets, both physical, and mental.

Types of toys for cats

There are various types of toys for cats. There are following types of products which are the most often used and loved by pets:

Balls are simple toys which will be pleasant to any cat. They are produced from rubber, sisal fiber, nylon or plush. There are balls with a bell inside, balls made of sisal fiber can be used as scratching post, and also there are products glowing in the darkness.

Toys teasers are rods with colour feathers on the end. It is one of the most fascinating entertainments for cats.

Mice are classical cat toy. There are a lot of types of these products — clockwork, with springs and other.

Interactive — various labyrinths, masseurs and scratch pad. Such toys promote mental development of pets.

Laser pointers and small lamps — ideal entertainment for active pets.

Besides, any cat will like scratching post and products with catnip or valerian.

How to choose toys for cats

The most important thing when choosing toys for cats is their harmlessness for the pet. They have to be made of qualitative nontoxic materials. Besides, the toy shouldn't be too soft and fragile.

Also be sure that toys for cat do not have decorative elements which the pet can easily gnaw off and swallow. If you have already bought such a toy, it doesn't matter. These elements can always be cut off from the toy.

To choose toys for cats successfully, it is necessary to consider the character of the pet. If you have a phlegmatic cat and want to arouse it from its indifference, toys with catnip will become the fine choice. They stimulate mobility of the pet and add energy to the cat. And active cats will be delighted with the game center with labyrinths and tunnels.

The way we can help

On the website PetsExpert you will be able to buy toys for cats for reasonable prices. We care about the health of your pets therefore we offer you exclusively qualitative and safe products. Make your purchase right now, and our delivery service will make sure that your order will be in your hands within several days.

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