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Cat chews are treats which can be used as remuneration and having a snack between the main meals. Producers make them taking into account requirements of a cat's organism. Qualitative cat chews are not only tasty, but also useful.

Types of cat chews

Treats are made on the basis of meat and fish. The following things can be used as main ingredients:

  • chicken;
  • duck;
  • turkey;
  • beef;
  • rabbit;
  • tuna;
  • salmon.

Many types of cat chews contain useful vegetable supplements, for example, pomegranate ossicles, extract of grape seeds, seaweed, etc.

You can order long sticks, mini-sticks, sticks in the form of a spiral, sticks which are convenient for dividing into pieces due to special recess. Some sticks contain a soft filling.

How to choose cat chews

The treat has to be safe for your pet. Don't hurry to buy bright packings and bright inscriptions.

To choose cat chews correctly,study structure of a product attentively. Treats with chicken and beef suit cats with a normal weight. It is better to buy chews with rabbi for cats with excess weight.

Remember that chews differ from a complete food in structure and can't be a basis of a ration of your pet.

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