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Trixie Cat scratching posts, towers and trees

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High quality Trixie products: Cat scratching posts, towers and trees

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Cat scratching posts by Trixie

Trixie cat scratchers are high quality products which are very popular. The given firm is one of the leading exporters in Europe. The manufacturer also is actively involved in charity. For example, the company supports the initiative of building educational institutions in countries with the low standard of living.

A wide variety of Trixie cat scratchers

You can buy your pet products of various forms and sizes. Some cat scratchers are produced in such lines as:

  • My Kitty Darling. It’s a line of original accessories on which there is a picture of a cat.
  • CatSelect. The given products are dismountable: you can add or, vice versa, remove elements on your own.
  • H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern. It’s a line of cat scratchers created by the eminent animal defender.

3 reasons to buy Trixie cat scratchers
  1. In the range of the accessories by the trademark there are combined models. They are a combination of a scratching post and a toy. Such products often have several platforms at different heights.
  2. Trixie produces models which let you save some space at your home. You can choose products in the form of mats or accessories in the shape of boards. Thanks to the low cost of such cat scratchers you can buy several things and place them in every room.
  3. The manufacturer produces excellent accessories intended for small pets and for large animals. Thus, you can offer your four legged friend a product which will fit its size.

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