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Cats need to sharpen claws daily. If you don't want that they use for this purpose furniture or any other household goods, offer them a reasonable alternative — scratcher boards and mats. These are special products for pets to scratch with pleasure. Such boards and mats are much more practical than large scratching posts — they won't take a lot of place in the room.

Types of scratching boards and mats

There are different types of scratching boards and mats which differ in design, sizes and forms. It can be columns or rugs, and have more original form — for example, have outlines of a cat.

Scratching boards and mats can be put on a floor, hang on walls or placed on a sofa. Modern scratching posts look very beautifully and aesthetically therefore they will perfectly fit into any interior.

The majority of scratching boards are made from sisal fiber — strong and environmentally friendly material. Also they are supplemented with elements from plush, toys on ropes, etc.

The base of scratching board can be made of wood.

How to choose scratching boards and mats

To choose scratching boards and mats correctly, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of products. They have to be made only of safe materials, such as, for example, sisal.

Also take care of the right size of scratching boards. If the board needs to be hung up on a wall, then its size has to allow the pet to extend to the whole height of the body. This rule is applicable also to a scratching board in the form of a rug.

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