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The covered cat litter box is the kind of a tray reminding a lodge in a form. High walls of the product will prevent litter from dispersal, and in addition such design doesn't allow smells to extend on the room.

Types of the covered cat litter box

There are two types of covered cat litter box:

  • Standard rectangular trays — will give feeling of absolute privacy to your cat. The lightweight folding cover will hold smells in a litter box.
  • Angle litter box is a compact option for the small room.

Some models are equipped with the sliding tray — you will be able to change litter without complete dismantling of a tray. In addition such litter boxes don't demand daily cleaning. And bright design will allow to choose the litter box which will ideally fit into any interior.

How to choose covered cat litter box

At the choice of covered cat litter box consider several factors. Firstly, age of your pet.

For example, it will be difficult for kitten to get into a tray because of high boards. Secondly, don't forget about the sizes of your pet — there should be enough place for a cat to turn in the litter box. The product cover also shouldn't be too low.

Be sure that the tray is equipped with air vents, and the unit can be taken to pieces easily. These nuances will help to avoid accumulation of unpleasant smells and will simplify cleaning considerably.

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