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Canned cat food by Animonda

Animonda wet feeds for cats are made in Germany. When developing the feeds the manufacturer uses the results of the advanced researches in the field of dietology. Moreover, Animonda company considers cat breeders’ experience and listens to customers’ requests.

A variety wide of Animonda wet cat feeds

The products are produced in the form of pâtés, meat slices with sauce and etc. Animonda wet food is represented in four lines:

  • Vom Feinsten. These are balanced tasty pâtés with delicate broth. In the line there are products for kittens, for adult cats, for old pets as well as for neutered animals. The feeds are available in convenient trays with 100 gram weight and pouches with 50 gram weight.
  • Carny. The line includes meat products for cats of different ages. The feeds will be an excellent basis for your pet’s diet. The manufacturer also produces Carny Ocean wet food with fish. It will perfectly supplement the main diet of your cat.
  • Rafine. The products are tender meat or fish slices in juicy jelly or sauce. You can buy a special wet food for a kitten, for an adult cat as well as well as for an old pet. Moreover, the line includes appetizing pâtés  “Rafine Petit”.
  • Integra Protect. In the line there are feeds for cats which suffer from diseases of certain internal organs (stomach, kidneys and etc.).

4 reasons to buy Animonda wet feeds for cats
  1. Most products of the brand are complete. It means that they can serve as the main diet for your cat, that is you won’t have to supplement the main feeds of your pet with anything else.
  2. When producing Animonda wet feeds the manufacturer uses only high quality components and that’s why the products are easily digested by the body. Moreover, the composition of the feeds has no synthetic ingredients.
  3. Thanks to a wide range of canned food with various tastes your pet’s diet will never be monotonous.
  4. The wet food of the trademark doesn’t contain the nutrients which are necessary for your cat in a certain age.

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