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Dry food for cats is one of the most popular kinds of nutrition which has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your cat’s healthy diet. Such kinds of pet food are easy-in-use and perfect for everyday feeding.

Kinds of dry food for cats

Dry food supplies pets with all the nutrients which are necessary for their healthy growth. There are three main kinds of dry food for cats:

  • Economy class. It’s low calorie food which can be used as an addition to the main source of nutrition.
  • Middle class. It’s a more nourishing kind of food than that of the economy class. They are notable for a low amount of soy and cereal products
  • Premium class. It’s a high-quality digestible kind of food which has only natural ingredients. Due to the high level of protein it’s the most nourishing kind of food.

There are also special kinds of medicated food: for shed control, for eye care and so on.

How to choose dry food for cats

First of all, give your preference to natural goods which are rich in vitamins and wholesome microelements.

If the food has a long expiry date, it means that it has preservatives and low nutritional value. A large amount of cereals and byproducts should also get your attention.

Don’t give your pet dry food together with natural one, as it can cause disorders of the stomach and intestines in your cat.

Do you want to buy dry food for a cat with a sensitive stomach? Take special low-calorie food which is created according to peculiarities of the animal’s body. By the way, you can safely feed your cat with dry food if it has plaque on its teeth or other dental problems. Such kinds of food are perfect for teeth cleaning.

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