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Qualitative cat food is the product manufactured with care of animals. It will provide your pet with necessary substances; will make it healthy, vigorous and cheerful.

Types of cat food

All products for cats can be divided into 3 large groups: economy, medium and premium. Sometimes this classification is extended and "super premium" and "Human grade" types of food are added. Products of the "holistic" class belong to the last category. The listed types of cat food differ from each other in quality and price.

  • Economy class. The main advantages of this food are good tastes and low cost. If you feed the pet with such products, then it is necessary to enter useful additives into his ration.
  • Medium class. Such food, unlike an economy products, has meat in its composition. Food of medium class is considered undesirable to animals with the weakened immunity.
  • Premium class. This food contains qualitative meat and is spent economically due to high nutritional value.
  • Super Premium class. Food is made of qualitative ingredients and provide the balanced nutrition of an animal.
  • Holistic. These are innovative natural forages. They contain Human grade products, that is suitable and for people. There are no flavourings and dye-staff in such food.

There are bio forages — the products made of ingredients which are made in the conditions of environmentally friendly agriculture. Special cat food have various vitamin and mineral supplements, agents against hair lumps, the biological and balanced natural crude forage, and also products for animals with special needs. The last category has diabetic foods, products for cats with a sensitive digestion, urinary food.

How to choose cat food online

For the most of inexperienced owners of cats the choice between a dry and wet feed is a great problem. There is no unambiguous opinion on what food is better.

The dry food from the good producer is an ideal ration of a cat. The main advantages of such product are the following:

  • it can be in a cat's bowl for a long time and remain qualitative;
  • due to technology of a granulation the majority of vitamins remains in the food;
  • the product contains digestive bacteria which provide normal functioning of a cat's organism;
  • the dry food is more concentrated, than wet food,therefore it is more nutritious.

For many good producers release of dry food is priority. Besides, the choice for such products is often made by owners of elite cat farms.

Wet food are pastes, pieces of meat and fish in jelly, sauce, broth. Such products it is more preferable if the animal does not have enough water.

To choose cat food correctly, read information on the package. It is better if a concrete type of meat is specified as a part of food, not just protein. At the same time it is desirable that the percentage of meat content was not less than 25%. Liver or fish can also be sources of protein. The less quantity of food producer specifies in references on feeding, the more qualitative it is.

Besides, upon purchase always check a storage life.

The way we can help

On the website PetsExpert you will find a set of qualitative cat food. We work only with well proved brands. It allows to guarantee excellent quality of each goods. Don't miss an opportunity to buy cat food. Complete the order right now and your pet will receive the best nutrition as soon as possible.

BARF or biologically appropriate raw food is a full replacement to nutrition which ancestors of your pet got by themselves. The organism of a predator needs qualitative meat products. BARF contains fresh meat, offal, bones. Such feed is ideal for animals with a sensitive digestive tube or predilection to an allergy.

Types of biologically appropriate raw food

Feed of your pet has to be balanced. If the cat eats only a few products even natural and fresh, then there is a lack of useful substances in its organism. One of the basic principles of BARF system is a variety, therefore the cat has to receive:

  • food on the basis of meat;
  • alimentary oils;
  • supplements with vitamins and minerals.

There are different types of biologically appropriate raw feed therefore you will be able to choose a treat even for very whimsical or sensitive pet. You can offer duck, chicken, turkey, beef, mutton to your pet.

How to choose biologically appropriate raw feed

All types of BARF have certain advantages. For example, duck is a fine source of essential amino acids. Besides, it contains twice more vitamin A, than any other types of meat. Because of it the feed with a duck influences on sight and state of skin of your pet in a good way.

Turkey is gentle dietary meat which is perfectly digested. It contains a lot of A and E vitamins. The turkey has more sodium than veal and beef. Sodium is necessary for normal metabolic processes in an organism that is especially important for the sterilized and cats with excess weight.

Feed with lamb is low-calorie and digestible. It is ideal for animals with the sensitive alimentary systems. Besides, meat of lamb contains a lot of selenium which is useful for immune system.

Chicken is easily digested and is useful even for animals with sensitive stomachs. Feed with chicken bones is a fine source of a calcium and phosphorus.

Beef has high nutritional value and is well digested. Also it is a source of irreplaceable amino acid - taurine.

To choose biologically appropriate raw food, consider its age, state of health and gastronomic tastes. It is necessary to supplement BARF with vitamins and minerals. Only in this case food will be balanced and rather useful.

The way we can help

It is possible to buy biologically appropriate raw food online. You surely will be able to find something tasty in our catalog even for very choosy pet. Believe, the cat will surely like taste of natural nutrition. Order BARF right now — provide a good and healthy nutrition to the cat.

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