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Sanabelle - Information about company

Sanabelle is a cat food line produced in Germany. The brand's products belong to the super premium class. The Sanabelle trademark is owned by Bosch Tiernahrung Company.

Sanabelle pet products

The manufacturer produces food for cats with different nutritional needs. Sanabelle feeds are represented by the following categories:

  • for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats;
  • for adult animals;
  • for senior pets;
  • for large cats;
  • for pets who have undergone sterilisation;
  • for overweight animals.

Besides, the brand's product range includes feeds that help to maintain pet's health in a proper state. For example, you can choose feeds for preventing urinary tract infections or for oral care. In addition, the manufacturer offers grains-free feeds and feeds with duck meat for animals with allergies.

Sanabelle trademark also features delicacies which could become a good supplement to the cat’s basic diet.

Advantages of Sanabelle pet products

The brand's feeds include only high-quality meat, fish and vegetables. Moreover, all of them are enriched with healthy ingredients. For example, fish oil contributes to healthy skin and coat, flax seeds normalize functions of gastrointestinal tract, yucca removes bad breath, cranberries and blueberries have a beneficial effect on the pet's kidneys. Besides, Sanabelle feeds are free of dyes, soy protein and other harmful components.

The fact that all products are regularly tested by independent laboratories is the guarantee of their high quality. In addition, the brand's feeds have a delicious taste and that’s why cats eat them with great pleasure.

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The best way to take care of your cat’s health is to buy her some wholesome Sanabelle food.

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