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Rinti - Information about company

Rinti is a brand producing healthy dog foods. The brand is owned by the family company Finnern Petfood Family. This German manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of its products, so that your pets get only the best.

Pet products by Rinti

The manufacturer offers wet and dry pet foods and treats. The products are available in standard packages, economy packs and samplers.

Wet feeds are sold in cans, pouches and trays. The product range for wet feeds includes:

  • balanced feeds with chicken and lamb meat;
  • rations based on chicken fillet in appetising jelly or sauce with the addition of other meat ingredients, such as duck meat, beef, ham;
  • feeds made entirely of organic raw materials;
  • rations enriched with high quality protein;
  • feeds for dogs with sensitive digestive systems;
  • special feeds for miniature pets.

Dry rations include two categories. The first one is in the form of crispy croquettes with chicken and beef meat. The second is dried feeds made of rumen which is ideal for dogs with digestive disorders.

Rinti product range includes several series of chewing treats: Biscuits, Bitties, Chicko. In addition you can pamper your pet with appetising crackers, sticks, crisps and cookies.

Advantages of Rinti pet products

The whole range of dog products is free from colouring agents, soy or ground meat.

All food rations are based solely on quality meat. The meat is processed gently, and as a result the products retain all the benefits of the ingredients.

Meat rations nourish the animal body with high-quality proteins. These substances are a source of amino acids which are the basis of all dog’s tissues and organs. Linseed oil included in feeds contains omega-3 fatty acids. They improve the condition of dog's skin and coat. Furthermore, Rinti feeds and delicacies are rich in fibre which has a positive effect on digestion.

Rice and potatoes in the feed composition are a source of carbohydrates supplying dogs with the necessary energy. Your pet will always be full of energy, ready for active games and long walks.

Rinti chewing treats are not just tasty delicacies, but also a remedy for dental care. During the process of chewing such snacks massage gums and remove plaque. Moreover, such delicacies reduce the risk of tartar.

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