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KONG - Information about company

Under the trademark KONG, various pet products have been produced since 1976. Toys made under this brand are especially popular. They are distinguished by high quality and original design. The founder of the American Kong Company is Joe Markham.


KONG pet products

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products for dogs:

  • AirDog. These toys are a combination of a ball and a squeaker. They do not harm animals’ teeth as they are made from non-abrasive felt. Such products are convenient to use for playing games during which you throw an object and your dog must fetch it to you.
  • Interactive toys with a squeaker. Their peculiarity is that, when they hit something, they start bouncing thus bringing joy to dogs. Some of these items can be filled with treats. Even if the casing of the toy is damaged, the squeaker will remain in working order.
  • Wubba. This category is represented by goods with different useful properties. For example, a product with a rope-knot ensures dog’s oral health. If you want your dog to make a little noise while playing, pay your attention to a toy without the squeaker.
  • Plush products. Feature softness, durability and also a variety of shapes.
  • Rubber toys. This category is represented a great number of models. For example, the manufacturer offers toys for cleaning teeth, and balls for hiding treats in. Kong Company uses special rubber for making its products. This material patented by the producer features high durability and elasticity.
  • Snacks. These delis you can put inside the toys. The scent from the treat will help to entice your dog into the game.
  • Grooming and recovery products. The brushes by this brand will not only help you rid your dog of loose hair from shedding, but also stimulate the functioning of capillaries as well as glands that secrete sebum for skin. For animals recovering from illnesses, the company has elaborated a special inflatable collar. Thanks to this product, the dog will feel comfortable. The collar doesn’t restrict your pet's movements.

Cat products are also represented by several categories of goods:
  • Developmental toys. Such products will help your favourite to satisfy its hunting instincts.
  • Kickeroo. Your cat can hug, attack these toys and wrestle with them.
  • Wubba. This product line encourages cats’ stalking skills.
  • Items with catnip. They will help you to raise a well-behaved pet. For example, such products are convenient to use to introduce a scratcher to your cat. When the catnip loses its aroma, just add some fresh one. The toy will start producing an intensive smell that cats like very much.
  • KONG Botanicals. The manufacturer offers catnip and other herbal infusions. You can spray these products on your pet’s toys.
  • Treat dispensers. Cats will enjoy playing with these toys once they discover treats inside! Products of this type stimulate the animal’s activity.
  • Brush. With the help of this item, you’ll help your cat to get rid of loose hair when shedding. Moreover, with such a brush, you can indulge your cat with a relaxing massage any moment; this is especially important in stressful situations.

  • The advantages of KONG pet products

    The products from this brand feature a high quality. The manufacturer strives for excellence even in the smallest details. An important advantage of the items is a large variety of their shapes and forms. Thus, you’ll be able to surprise your four-legged friend every time with something new.

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    Purchase high-quality goods for pets at great prices. Bring joy to your pets as they deserve it!

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