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JR Farm - Information about company

Products for domestic pets, and for garden inhabitants - wild birds, hedgehogs and others - are manufactured under the JR Farm trademark. The history of this business started when Herta Ruisinger, the owner of a private farm, watched pets with interest. She made a conclusion that animals don’t get the nutrition they really need. To improve the situation, Herta and Jakob Ruisinger founded a new enterprise producing food products for pets. It's been about 20 years since that time, and JR Farm products are still popular among pet owners.

This brand production is made in Bavaria. The manufacturer gets most part of raw materials from its own fields.

JR Farm pet products

The company offers production for various animals, including:

  • reptiles,
  • rodents;
  • fancy birds,
  • garden inhabitants (wild birds, squirrels, hedgehogs, chickens, mini pigs).

Production of JR Farm for dogs is healthy snacks and flakes, which supplement BARF-diet perfectly. The company offers delicacies made of meat, eggs and vegetables, and also toy balls with a treat inside for cats.

The company produces snacks with fruits and vegetables for horses. Many of those treats can be put near the animal in stables. Thus, you can always entertain your pet. Moreover, JR Farm offers salt stones for horses.

They improve digestion and promote nutrient absorption.

Advantages of JR Farm pet products

For its goods manufacturing the company uses plant ingredients, which are grown in pollution-free conditions. Products of this brand are the sources of many healthy substances for animals:

  • Vitamin A is necessary for organism growth and development, health of organs of sight, and also serves as a prophylactic for intestinal and respiratory diseases.
  • Vitamin C is involved in carbohydrate metabolism regulation, processes of oxidation and reduction, and also in formation of some hormones.
  • Vitamin E promotes normalization of operation of the endocrine system and blood-forming organs, it has anti-dystrophic properties.

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