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Eggersmann - Information about company

Eggersmann company was founded in Germany. The company produces high-quality food products for horses. The company specialists cooperate with qualified diet experts and vets. The brand product range is constantly improving and is increased by new items.

Eggersmann pet products

  • Feeds for horses with the normal load level. The recipes of these products are developed in accordance with the nutritive needs of animals which don’t perform lots of exercises. These feeds are characterized by the low content of proteins and carbohydrates. Such horses don’t need much protein because it overloads their kidneys and liver. Too much carbohydrates in the organism affect negatively the pets’ behavior – it is the source of energy which doesn’t find a use. This has an impact on the pets discipline – they become disquiet.
  • Feeds for sport horses. These are products in the form of pellets or muesli which will perfectly suit animals which take part in competitions or undergo great physical loads. These feeds are rather nutritive and enrich the organism of horses with additional energy to succeed in sport and recover after loads fast.
  • Special diets. This category includes products for pets with the digestive tract diseases and special feeds for horses with sensitive skin.
  • Feeds for breeding. Eggersmann produces special products and feed supplements for newly-born and young horses, for fostering horses and stud horses.
  • Flakes. Products made of oats are presented in the brand assortment. They improve the digestive system work and enrich the organism with important amino-acids. You can also buy flakes made of barley or corn for your horse. These products are rich in carbohydrates, that is why they are the source of necessary energy.
  • Oil. The company offers the product made of milk thistle. This oil contains essential omega-3 and omega-9 acids. They aid improvement of skin and hair condition, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, milk thistle oil strengthens body defenses and affects positively the horses’ reproductive system.
  • Minerals. They are produced in the form of feed supplements with high content of sodium, calcium, phosphorus.
  • Medical concentrates. Eggersmann assortment includes products which will help to solve horses’ health problems. For instance, the products with nutrients which will recover pets’ strength after physical exercise, are presented. The concentrate which aids ligaments and joints strengthening after strains and traumas is also produced.
  • Snacks. You can buy treats with fruits and vegetables. Your pet will certainly like these tasty treats; they will become a perfect quick meal between main meals.

This manufacturer uses its own development – the complex of herbs which underwent microbial fermentation. This extract is added to lots of Eggersmann products. It is a nice source of additional energy and it calms down the nervous system at the same time.

Advantages of Eggersmann pet products

The product line of this company is notable for great variety. Among a wide range of products you can easily find feeds, supplements and treats for horses of any body type, age and character.

Natural products which are supplied by the local farms are used for Eggersmann feeds production. All the raw materials are checked against the quality standards. Feeds of this brand don’t contain bone meal, dope, chemicals.

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