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Bozita - Information about company

Bozita feeds are produced by the Swedish company Doggy AB. Its founder was the first to introduce a product for dogs made of oat flakes using a special technology. Particularly, production of this very item provided the company success and its active development. Nowadays Doggy AB produces super premium class products of high quality that retain popularity among pet owners.

Bozita pets products

  • Bozita Feline. This series includes wet and dry products for cats. These feeds complement one another well, so you can buy different products of this line for your pet and rotate them. Bozita Feline feeds have natural meat in their formula. Also, these products are enriched with a vitamin complex to strengthen cat body defenses.
  • Bozita Robur. This is a line of dry food for dogs. These hypoallergenic products don’t contain gluten. Bozita Robur feeds are digested well because they contain fibre for proper function of the digestive tract.
  • Bozita Naturals. These are dry products made for dogs based on their age and nutritional needs. Feeds contain natural chicken and deer meat, beet pulp, whole-wheat flour.
  • Bozita Nordic by Nature. This is a unique series of patès and dry feeds for dogs. Natural Swedish products are used for producing this food: meat and fish. These feeds and patès have exquisite flavours and will be certainly liked by all pets, even real gourmets.
  • Bozita wet food. This category includes dogs’ feeds. They come in the form of  juicy, appetising meat chunks in jelly or tender patès. These low-calorie products don’t contain sugar and gluten. Bozita wet food are produced in cans and in pouches made using the modern Tetra recart  technology. This allows to preserve food freshness even after repeated opening of the pack.

Advantages of Bozita pets products

Doggy AB company uses only quality materials grown on Swedish farms for their food production. Agricultural industry in this country is famous for its safety regulations: farmers don’t use chemicals, pesticides and hormones in their work.

This company is still popular among the customers because it is constantly developing. New items are added to the selection, and the existing feeds are getting better. Thus, the company is always ready to offer its client production which meets all modern quality requirements.

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