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bosch - Information about company

The German company Bosch was founded in 1960. It was founded by Kurt Bosch. He started a small family business which was based on his desire to create pet products of the best quality. Although today Bosch is a large manufacturer of premium-class pet food, the company retains its core values.

Bosch pet products

  • Sanabelle series: products for cats. The company offers dry food and treats for pets based on their age and nutrition needs. For instance, this line includes specialised feeds for pets with sensitive skin or for pets suffering from urogenital system diseases. Sanabelle treats not only have exquisite taste but also contain many elements good for cat health.
  • Bosch series: food for dogs. This category includes feeds, treats and supplements. Particularly, the line includes feeds for large dogs, for inactive pets, for pregnant and nursing females. Treats of this series will complement dog diet well. The manufacturer offers snacks for skin and hair health, for strong teeth. Bosch food supplements will replete vitamin and mineral deficit in the pets’ organism.
  • Totally Ferret series includes ferrets’ feeds. Dry feeds for old and young pets are presented in this series. These feeds are well-balanced healthy food for ferrets.

Advantages for Bosch pets products

The manufacturer takes into account peculiarities of different pets when developing the food recipes. Particularly, pets’ nutritive needs in accordance with their age and state of health are taken into account.

Bosch products contain only choice natural ingredients; product quality is thoroughly checked at the every production stage. The company also pays attention to storage conditions of its production.

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