Why you need a dog carrier and how to choose the right one

The New York City Subway has recently introduced a strict rule: dogs are not allowed on the subway unless they are in a carrier. An amusing flash mob #subwaydog has been started as a result, where dog owners were competing in transporting their canine companions in the most creative way.Hvordan

Not just a prop for a funny selfie with your pet, a dog carrier can also make your life easier. One key characteristic that sets dogs apart from other pets is their mobility, and this useful accessory can dramatically amplify it. But when the matter of buying a dog carrier is brought to a head, dog owners can be overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. How can you be sure you are choosing the right model? Answering these two questions may help.

First, what size is your dog? Arm yourself with a ruler and measure your pooch. Remember that your dog should be able to stand, lay down, and turn comfortably. Owners of fashionable Pomeranian Spitzes or French Bulldogs will have a clear advantage since there are surely a lot more carriers for small and toy dog breeds. However, happy owners of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs will have something to choose from, too.

Second, why do you need a carrier? For instance, a soft bag is good for walks in the city, while a plastic carrier is good for going to the vet.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 carrier types offered in our online store:


This model is great for someone who is used to an active lifestyle. A carrier backpack is good for both medium-sized dogs and for little fellows. A hard, ergonomic back and adjustable shoulder straps are definitely a plus for the owner. The main advantage of a carrier backpack is its functionality: it folds compactly and can be attached inside the car passenger compartment or to a bicycle.

Those who like to walk will love 2-in-1 models which come with detachable wheels and a retractable telescopic handle because even a little pup can be too heavy to carry after a certain time.

Hand Bags and Carrier Slings

Hand Bags and Carrier for dogs

Photo: Little Moon – Shutterstock

If you are an owner of a Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua, you will appreciate the convenience of a soft carrier bag. It’s a great way to take a small dog for a walk in the city. It will also eliminate the problem of visiting public places. For instance, in Europe, you can even take a dog in a bag to a museum!
Bags come in winter and summer versions, depending on the materials used. Another sweet bonus is that they are machine washable!
A carrier sling is a sports model which lets you have both hands free.

Plastic Crates

This model is often called “a portable house”. It’s a “must have” for anyone who wants to take their pets on vacation. It is important to choose a correct carrier size that will meet all of the dog’s needs as flying is stressful, and flying in a cramped space is twice as stressful. However, in a spacious carrier, your dog will be comfortable even during a long flight lasting several hours. It is better to select models that come with a water bottle. Most importantly, you should carefully review airline requirements before purchasing a carrier. Each airline has clear requirements for transporting pets, and it is important to make sure that your chosen pet carrier meets these requirements, otherwise, they won’t let you on the plane!
If you have any other questions about choosing the right carrier for your dog, let us know! PetsExpert will be happy to help.

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