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Birds have no teeth, so in their natural habitat they swallow stones that grind food in the gizzard. In domestic conditions, digestive care mineral gravel can become the substitute for stones.

Types of digestive care mineral gravel

It is important to understand that not all types of mineral gravel for birds present in pet stores are intended to facilitate the digestive process. Some mixtures consist of ground clam shells, bone meal, plant seeds. They are processed and digested in the bird body. Such gravel provides a bird with essential minerals. Its presence in the bird diet is especially important during the nesting period. At this time the birds’ need for calcium increases.

Quartz is the gravel that helps grinding coarse grain feed. Its particle sizes may be different, from sand to gravel. In the stomach they peel the seeds swallowed by the bird from the outer shell. Birds with straight beaks especially need such gravel (for example, pigeons).

The types of gravel that help the body process food and provide it with nutrients at the same time deserve special attention. For example, a mixture of ground shells, gravel and charcoal possesses these properties. Shells are an excellent source of calcium, that is essential for the formation of the skeleton and strong eggshells. Gravel comprises fine ribbed stones, promoting food grinding.

Charcoal, in its turn, absorbs toxic substances.

Some types of digestive care mineral gravel for birds can be placed at the cage bottom instead of bedding. This creates an environment as close to the natural conditions as possible. The bird will not only be able to eat the gravel, but also enjoy the sand bath.

How to choose digestive care mineral gravel for birds

Carefully study the ingredients of the product you are interested in. Thus you will be able to determine whether it helps birds to digest food, or it is only a mineral supplement. If your pet has any digestive problems, offer it mineral gravel only after consulting a veterinarian.

It is important not only to choose the right digestive care mineral gravel for birds, but also to feed pets with balanced, easily digestible food. Gravel by itself will not solve the problems provoked by poor diet.

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