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Getting a bird is a perfect choice for many families. Picking any kind - a parrot, canary or finch – will make you satisfied. Bright colors pleasing to the eye and easy care ensure the increasing popularity among many households. But nevertheless, proper care of your feathered friend is not possible without the right products for birds.

Types of products for birds

Only a comprehensive and complete care will ensure bird’s health, wellbeing, and comfort. Every owner needs to procure necessary tools and accessories to ensure proper care for their pet.

Market offers the following types of products for birds care:

  • Feed consists of seeds, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, which provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition. You can also pamper your feathered friend with cereal delicacies spruced with honey and vegetable pieces.
  • Vitamin supplements help to improve digestion and strengthen the body. For example, a dietary supplement made of sandstone and sea shells are important source of calcium, minerals and trace elements.
  • Cages come in a large variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Filler and litter products provide comfortable environmental conditions to birds in their cage. Popular fillers include cellulose, sand and seashells.
  • Toys are necessary for the proper development. These include mirrors, bells, ropes and balls.
  • Accessories include feeders, drinking bowls, trays, swings, ladders, perch and other.
  • Pet care products provide important therapeutic and protective effect. For example, insect spray helps to prevent insect borne diseases.

Thanks to nutritious food and diligent care, your feathered friend will always be healthy and active.

How to choose products for birds

The bird’s body is very fragile and sensitive. Any adverse effects may negatively affect the well-being and health of your feathered friend. Therefore, buy food and products that contain only natural and herbal ingredients.

Always give preference to products made of harmless and non-toxic materials while selecting products for bird care (toys, accessories, etc.). The cage must be large and shall not hinder bird’s movement

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