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Tetra EX 400 Plus Complete External Filter Set
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Fish breeding in your home is a fascinating but time-consuming hobby. Proper maintenance of your aquarium requires a great effort. Fish needs comfortable conditions to thrive. Marketplace offers variety of products for fish care.

Types of products for fish and aquarium care

The following types of products are essential for every aquarium:

  • Products for the aquarium care include containers for water care, acidity regulators, oxygen pills, treatments for weeds, algae, and more.
  • Filters can be internal and external, and include replacement cartridges.
  • Accessories include thermometer, hoses, nets, tweezers for feeding and other tools.
  • Lighting is crucial part of every aquarium. It includes lamps, reflectors and lights.
  • Food for fish provides essential vitamins. It usually comes in the form of flakes, granules, and tablets. Special products provide Also for disinfection and purification of water it is recommended to use special medicines for the parasites.
  • Equipment for the aquarium. For proper functioning of the aquarium you will need compressors, heaters, UV-sterilizers, feeding carbon dioxide system, etc.
  • Decor. You can use a variety of soils, gravel, caves, mosses, roots and more to beautifully decorate your aquarium.

Please remember that plants living in the aquarium need separate care. Variety of fertilizers, vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy life and growth of all plants.

How to choose fish care products

Need to remember that freshwater and salt water aquariums require different products. Always select equipment and tools specifically designed for different types of aquariums. Food should be selected based on type and characteristics of fish living in your aquarium.

Decorations should be made of natural materials like stone and ceramic which does not emit toxic materials while in water.

Life maintenance equipment must be selected according to the parameters and the type of aquarium.

Keep in mind quality is single most important feature of every product.

How can we help you

Our online store offers a full range of products necessary for the proper maintenance of your aquarium. You can buy inexpensive products for fish, as well as accessories for freshwater and marine aquariums like filters, compressors, lighting, fish food, décor items and much more. We offer only high quality products of proven brands. Order everything you need right now and let your aquarium bring you only joy and peace.

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